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The field recordings project Favorite Chicago Sounds was started as a collaboration between myself and sound artist Peter Cusack. It was planned as a Chicago extension of Peter's Your Favourite London Sounds project, which has been running for almost a decade now.

The premise is simple: we ask residents what their favorite sound of the city is, and then we record those sounds. The archive of their responses and the recording is available for public use. You can submit your response and your recordings at the website, and comment on what others have posted.

Favorite Chicago Sounds has received some excellent press. The Chicago Tribune's Emily Nunn wrote a very flattering (my friends would say too flattering!) article, which you can read by selecting the first photo on the left. Tribune Photographer Wesley Pope also produced an excellent multimedia piece. The piece took Second Place in the category of Multimedia
Team Project in the Illinois Press Photographer Assosiation's annual "Illinois Best of Photojournalism" contest.