Jesse Seay
Sound Tubes: Listening boySound TubesSound Tubes: lopsided listeningSound Tubes: handSound Tubes: girl lookingSound Tubes: closeupSound Tubes: Mother and childSound Tubes: tunnelSound Tubes: one tubeSound Tubes: listening girlSound Tubes: side viewSound Tubes: with dinosaurSound Tubes: handsSound Tubes: Girl in a striped shirtSound Tubes: two tubesSound Tubes: top viewHe's laughing...Sound Tubes: Motion Sensor
Sound Tubes
The Chicago Children's Museum commissioned this sound sculpture which resided in the museum lobby from 2008 to 2012. It featured 20 free hanging tubes with speakers mounted inside, playing a variety of field recordings from the Favorite Chicago Sounds collection.

The Museum allowed us to expand our collection by facilitating interaction with its affiliated youth groups. Project Coordinator Sarah Lu visited youth groups around the city, introduced them to field recording, and collected their favorite sounds to add to our catalog.